Mid-Century Glassware (s.a. Val Saint-Lambert)

Beautiful authentic crystal "Mid-Century" table lamps

Hand blown quality from Seraing (Belgium) and Murano (Italy)

These hand-blown crystal glass lamps were designed and produced by Val Saint-Lambert in Seraing (Belgium) among others.
The crystal and glass factory of Val Saint-Lambert in the south-west of Li├Ęge, is located on the site of the Abbey of Val-Saint-Lambert, the former Cistercian abbey of Saint-Lambert, founded in 1202 and closed in 1796. The abbey site was conveniently located with enough space for buildings, proximity to coal and the possibility of transport across the Meuse. The factory still exists and the brand is now available in more than 40 countries.

In the Mid-Century period, Val Saint-Lambert produced these crystal glass table lamps to respond to the very popular table lamps and other glass objects from Murano, Italy. The company that did not really had a choice to follow this trend because of the post-war economic conditions, used all its knowledge to add as much as possible the authentic design element of the crystal world to the functional world of the lighting fixtures, resulting in the beautiful examples below.

All these lamps have been checked by VintageHulk and rewired (if necessary) and can therefore be used daily. In combination with a beautiful LED light bulb with a retro look, these lamps fit in a classic interior, as well as in a retro/vintage or even contemporary interior.

A lot of our lamps are already fitted with a new lampshade. In our collection you will find lamps from Val Saint-Lambert as well as Venetian crystal from Murano.

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